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First kosher beer from Saxony
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What does the word “SIMCHA” stand for?
“SIMCHA” in Hebrew means joy.


Kosher Beer – What is kosher about SIMCHA Beer?

Our SIMCHA Pils has been certified kosher.  That means that everything that goes into the making of our beer is under the strict supervision of an Orthodox rabbi.  This begins with the crops themselves, i.e., the barley and the hops.  This strict rabbinical supervision continues with the production process.  Demand on content and quality exceed the common requirements of conventional production.  Cleanliness and hygiene are constantly monitored and are guaranteed.  A separate space and separate equipment are used exclusively for the sole purpose of brewing SIMCHA Pils, thus avoiding contact with other products.  The entire brewing process is carefully monitored and documented.  These rigorous measures are used in order to comply with strict kosher standards as well as with the 1516 German Purity Law, and they ensure the highest level of quality for the customer.


What are the characteristics of SIMCHA Pils?

SIMCHA Pils is a mellow, satisfying Pilsner beer with the subtle taste of hops, that’s neither sweet, nor tart, and contains 4.9% alcohol.  This is a delicious alternative to wine with meals, and also appeals to friends meeting up for good conversation over drinks.  Served in its attractive 0,33 l bottle, SIMCHA Pils is winning more fans every day.


Why kosher beer from Saxony?

Why not?  The “SCHALOM” restaurant, the “Saxon Friends of Israel Club” and the “Hartmannsdorf Brewery Ltd.” have made it their business to please German and European palettes with a great kosher beer of refined quality.  Thanks to the positive reactions we’ve had so far, we have already started work on the creation of more kosher beer speciialities.


For any questions about our beer or those wishing to place an order:


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